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Michael Sam, first openly gay Division I College football player and NFL draft prospect, reacts to being drafted by the St. Louis Rams (May 10, 2014) [x]



What’s your favorite pair of jeans?! My favorite pair has got to be my #redskinnies from @americaneagle! they are a great pop of color with monochromatic tones and go great with complementary colors as well! Submit your photos wearing in your favorite pair of denim to tevinevans@me.com and you could be featured on my blog!


Felt a little nostalgic and decided to post photos of fashion week past and fashion week present so much has changed and so much has remained the same. Hope you guys enjoy


If I had to choose one moment in the style awards that hit home the most it would be Rachel Zoe’s touching speech about her life, never being great at her academics but excelling in what made her passionate. To be a part of fashion you have to be passionate about it and Wednesday nights winners were just that! To say that it was just amazing to be gathered in the room with so many Fashion greats would be an understatement, with that said I would like to congratulate all of the nights award winners

Model of the Year: Kate Upton

Stylist of the Year: Rachel Zoe

Most Stylish Athlete of the Year: Victor Cruz

Designer of the Year: Zac Posen

Menswear Designer of the Year: John Varvatos

Most Visible Brand: Victoria’s Secret

Best hairstylist: Frederic Fekkai

Best photographer: Patrick DeMarchelier

Best Costume Design Film: Trish Summerville (The Hunger Games)

Best Costume Design TV: Janie Bryant (Mad Men)

And I would also say thank you to two special people. Janie Bryant thank you for creating one of my favorite moments in television you and truly inspiring with all that you do. And to Zac Posen thank you for being the person I look up to, it is because of your designs I found that fashion is what I want do for the rest of my life to have people wear my art as people have worn yours.

Photo credits: Getty Images and Leslie Kirchhoff


When it comes to my hair I like to have fun, (it’s also great for creating a new look for yourself) from dyeing it blue to a spin on the classic bowl cut to simple stripes my hair is an expression of who I am as a person. I like to have fun and so should you, after all it’s just hair it grows back! Some tips tho not because something is all the rage now means that you should try it not all haircuts suit everyone’s face shapes. Be a trend setter try something new put your own twist on a hair style making it uniquely you like I did by dying a blue stripe in my hair instead of cutting it into a Mohawk. Lastly think of how your new haircut would fit into your workplace I’m all for creativity and self expression but I’m also for remaining professional in the workplace and something’s just aren’t professional at all.


What does your style say about you? Naturally my style varies, although I favor more preppy buttoned up conservative styles of dressing I like to mix it up. I don’t think that because you favor one style of clothing you should be tied down to it. Crisp collars blazers cable knit sweaters are my comfort zone, but I’ve realized it limits me. If I want to design and cater to a variety of people I have to explore different types of dressing. In my exploration my outfits haven’t always been on point and some things I thought looked cool didn’t but experimenting has always been fun. I would have never known that tank tops can look really cool when layering and staying true to my personal taste. Like I love paring a cool tank with a blazer for a cool summer time look or swapping out my madras shorts for a pair of denim shorts with a button down and boat shoes. Essentially what I’m saying your style defines you not the garment. It’s all how you wear the clothes


New York City Summers are epic when it comes to fashion and personal style here are some photos of some awesomely dressed New Yorkers and yours truly.


Be Unique! I’m big on shopping at vintage consignment shop and thrift shops for unique pieces and accessories to add to my wardrobe because there is something special about a one of a kind piece that is uniquely yours. On a recent trip to Soho a neighborhood in Manhattan NY I stumbled across an amazing Vintage shop that had an extensive collection of vintage Chanel as well as many other designer items that cannot be found elsewhere. I spent quite a bit of time looking at pieces after pieces each more beautiful than the other my two favorites were The ” Rue Cambon Paris ” broach that dated back to the early 1970’s a long with that there were these amazing pair of tall leather ridding boots that were scuffed up and seemed to tell a story, which brings me to ask you guys this question what does your closet say about you?


Monday night I had the pleasure to attend the release party for LVL XIII Luxury Men’s Brands premier sneaker collection as well as meet with designer and CEO Antonio Brown. I must say I was truly impressed. These sneakers are beautiful, the attention to detail such as the use of different textures and materials was one of the things I loved the most, especially the use of metals. Overall the look of the sneakers I felt reminded me of Creative Recreation meets Christian Louboutin with a twist that makes LVL XIII stand out among the rest. 

For more information go check out the brands website at http://www.lvlxiii.com/
And more about Antonio Brown at 

* Images provided by TheNightVisions.com *


NYFW Has begun and let’s just say I’m bored. So I’ve started tending to other things that may bare great opportunity for me in the long run. However my issue is it just doesn’t feel like anything really exciting is going on especially outside of the shows. With all the changes made concerning the lobby at the tents once a bustling parade of fashion and conversation outside of the shows now an empty black box but will speak about that later!